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CDArchitects is a highly regarded architectural and planning practice dedicated to maintaining quality of design, construction and management. Established in 1998 as a design–based architectural practice, CDArchitects was quickly engaged with projects throughout Sydney, Queensland, Victoria, and the Middle East.

Drawing from over 40 years’ worth of cumulative industry experience, our strategy is based around client-tailored services. Our skilled market and building type specialists are supported by a highly committed team of skilled architects and project managers, with wide ranging experience in the delivery of projects across the Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Education Facility sectors.

We strive to develop close relationships with our clients in order to gain a better understanding of their needs. In this way, our clients benefit from a value-added approach to problem solving and design, backed up with a depth of technical knowledge and building experience.

We aim to increase the value of a project for the client, whilst maintaining an architectural design aesthetic to the project because we understand the business of development.


The Pearl Wellness Resort

Tanby Point, QLD
Five Star Luxury Wellness Resort and Spa

The resort is made up of 107 apartments and 13 Lagoon Villas. The resort incorporates generous reception lobbies restaurants, bars, cafes, lush resort gardens with an 80m long lagoon pool. The site is unique in aspect as it achieves dual North and South views up and down the coast. Spectacular ocean views are enhanced through a crisp clean interior design allowing the focus to be outward to the vistas.

Princes Hwy

Rockdale, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

The proposed developments create the gateway into the Rockdale town centre and are the first developments on approach into the centre heading south. A unique opportunity to create a gateway identity and built form which was memorable when entering the precinct.

211-215 Canterbury Rd.

Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A Mixed Use development in the Canterbury town centre accommodating 85 residential units plus commercial addressing the Corner of Charles Street and Canterbury Rd Canterbury. Situated at the intersection of Canterbury Road, Charles Street and the Cooks River, the development will form an island site viewed entirely in the round.

The design approach was to create a simple architectural form of podium, trimmed waist with a separated tower element. The overall simple form is then veiled with a perforated folded metal screen system incorporating a series of fixed and operable bifold screens.

308-320 Canterbury Rd.

Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

The client purchased the site with development approval for 126 residential units and eight townhouses. CDArchitects were approached to revisit the design whereby we eliminated the townhouse component of the development and provided a large 1000m2 deep soil landscaped buffer zone between the proposed development and the adjoining two and three storey existing residential developments to the south and proposed 220 residential units plus commercial suites. The façade provides a street wall element with a strong corner tower treatment emphasising the sites prominent location.

418-426 Canterbury Rd.

Campsie, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A development encapsulating an entire street block consisting of 102 residential apartments with 1000m2 of ground floor commercial fronting Canterbury Road.

212-222 Canterbury Rd

Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A development located across the road from Canterbury Train Station provided a development opportunity to create a unique and iconic building within this locality consisting of 172 residential apartments, 1,397m2 commercial tenancies and an open public plaza of 570m2.

The design approach was to create a typical floor plate that could be extruded to maximise efficiency in planning layouts and construction of the site whilst creating an elaborate three dimensional façade block with both recessed and projecting elements with a minimal materiality palette of off form concrete, painted elements of white paint, charcoal alucobond and copper cladding.

1-9 Kanoona Ave.

Homebush, NSW
Residential Flat Building

Seventy One apartments in a four storey development with landscaped rooftop common open space. The site is located on the north eastern corner of the block allowing the design to address each street frontage appropriately with matching landscaped elements to soften the materiality of the façade treatment.

11-13 Fotheringham Lane

Marrickville, NSW
Single Dwelling Residential

The project entails the subdivision of the parcel of land into seven Torrens Title blocks and the construction of seven individual terraces over three levels with off street parking. Each dwelling accommodates three bedrooms in a contemporary design which emulates features of the traditional terrace housing with a contemporary twist.

125 Arthur St

Parramatta, NSW
Residential Flat Building

The design of this building is based on context and urban planning principles. Due to the buildings proximity to an existing eight storey Hotel the planning and design team were able to to negotiate a better outcome for the client by maximising the development potential. Although the proposed building exceeded council height limits approval was granted due to the height of surrounding buildings.

The development comprises sixty four residential dwellings over six levels with rooftop common open space enjoying sweeping views back towards Parramatta CBD.

125 Bowden St

Meadowbank, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

The site of a former warehouse within a light industrial precinct has seen undergoing change with recent redevelopment within Meadowbank. Redevelopment has seen parts of the street and surrounding neighbourhood undergo redevelopment of a similar nature. The subject site accommodates nineteen residential units with one ground floor commercial suite in a seven storey building.

The built form presents an exoskeleton structure with a typical floor plan arrangement between first and fifth floor whilst the top floor accommodates a reduced footprint with the form pulling away from the front of the building to soften the street bulk. A simple material palette of concrete panelling and painted slab edge/beam elements creates a simple rhythmic pattern vertically up the building.

445 Liverpool Rd

Ashfield, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A prominent corner site near a busy well known Sydney intersection required the built form to present itself to the street frontages whilst the apartments themselves turned their back to the busy Hume Hwy. The scheme accommodates minimal units fronting the Hume Hwy with majority facing internal garden and central landscaped common open space with a ‘L’ shaped built form with the open space open to the north and west allowing the oversized apartments to enjoy solar access, cross ventilation and outlook.

348 Hume Hwy

Bankstown, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

When undertaking the design of the subject site, CDArchitects approached the design strategy where the proposed building read as an extension of the adjoining development owned by the same client. The subject site accommodated 250 residential units plus 1500m2 of commercial space over three buildings.

4 Charles St.

Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

Mixed Use Development first within the Canterbury Town Centre Precinct setting the standard for development in a new master planned town centre consisting of 52 dwellings with 5 commercial suites. The development ties into future council works to construct a raised podium tying into the development with a Bridge over the Cooks River to Tasker Park Canterbury tying a residential precinct with the new Town Centre.

123 Marrickville Rd.

Marrickville, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

Mixed Use development within the Marrickville town centre consisting of fifteen residential units with ground floor retail uses. The site enjoys both a Marrickville Road Address with rear lane access allowing car parking and back of house utility rooms to be serviced from the rear with residential entry and retail access from Marrickville Road. To the north of the site consists of two storey light industrial precinct which allows the entire development to enjoy uninterrupted north easterly views to the City

The building has adopted a base element built to the street edge with the mid tower form setting back and acting as a lantern utilising a sliding coloured glass façade screen system seen in the round from all vantage Points.

550 Marrickville Rd.

Dulwich Hill, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

Infill mixed use development in the heart of the Dulwich Hill Commercial precinct consisting of two retail shop fronts with 18 residential units in a four storey development. The building façade presents a neat infill scheme employing a variety of materials to present a gentle aesthetic to a narrow street frontage within a Conservation Area.

6 Nelson St.

Annandale, NSW
Boutique Mixed Use Development

Set within the Annandale Conservation Precinct, the proposed development accommodates 6 residential dwellings with a ground floor retail activity.

The units each boast high ceilings with an open plan arrangement. We worked closely with the client and the local Council to provide a development which employed a high level of internal amenity to occupants given the nature of the site location adjacent a 15m high heritage item to the North which created overshadowing impacts to the subject site which required the design team to work very hard on ensuring the units achieved two to the required solar access. A high level of amenity is afforded to the occupants through the use of strategically placed glazing and skylights to ensure solar penetration, high ceilings allowing air flow and the employment of high quality interior and external materials such as reclaimed brickwork, off form textured concrete and large panel glazing to ensure the development maintained a boutique urban feel within an eclectic conservation precinct.

45 South Pd

Campsie, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

Located in the heart of the Campsie Town Centre the development utilises its north east corner location with two street frontages and located a mere 50m to Campsie Train Station.

The design team utilised the location of the site to maximise apartment exposure to the North east allowing majority of units facing South Parade and Harold Street to enjoy uninterrupted City Views. The development consists of 26 residential units with 3 ground floor retail suites addressing South Parade and a common open space for occupants located on the rooftop enjoying sweeping panoramic views to the City and the North.

The design encapsulates a base, middle and top element with the base structure wrapping the corner of South Parade and Harold Street defining the street edge with a tower element above addressing the corner sharply with a feature balcony element.

335 Burwood Rd.

Belmore, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

The development consists of seventeen residential units with ground floor retail in a six story development with rooftop communal open space.

The development addresses the corner of Burwood Road and Etela Street Belmore with rear lane access for vehicles and service utilities off Redman Lane. This approach allows the development to step up from the rear zoned residential properties to the highest point along Burwood Road Commercial Zoning.

48 Burwood Rd.

Burwood, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A Burwood Town Centre development across the road from lush Burwood Park provides for a unique opportunity for a development to rise from the street with dual east and westerly views. Addressing Burwood Road overlooks Burwood Park with a leafy green outlook whilst the eastern elevation addresses the east overlooking a low density residential zoning with a two storey maximum height limit allowing all units within the development facing east to obtain uninterrupted sweeping city views from a vantage point. The development further accommodates a rooftop common open space for the enjoyment of residents designed as a series of outdoor rooms allowing the occupants to utilise the space summer and winter whilst capitalising on its location and views.

2-4 Dudley St

Marrickville, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A landmark location in the Dulwich Hill Station Precinct, the subject development went through several iterations of design schemes before the final approved scheme was approved and agreed upon by all stakeholders. The design approach in consultation with the council set about to ensure that the proposed development was of a suitable form and scale for the subject awkward site whilst trying to ‘mask’ the existing constructed boarding house development to the south which was the tallest building in the precinct and established undesirable precedents.

The subject development is located at the highest point along Wardell and Dudley Street Marrickville/Dulwich Hill Station and is visible in the round from various aspects. The site lies on the direct approach aligned of Dudley Street when entering the precinct from Wardell Road over the Railway Bridge and as such the longest boundary facades would be visible up until such time that the northern neighbour redeveloped the site.

Approval was granted for twenty five residential units plus a ground floor retail suite and rooftop common open space.

10-14 Arthur St

Marrickville, NSW
Residential Flat Building

This development consists of a portion of land wedged between the Railway infrastructure and Arthur Street. The Council adopted specific precinct controls with respect to setbacks from the railway corridor and the street boundary restricting the built work. The development provides for a highly articulated building adopting a limited variety of materials to ensure a high quality development if achieved in this key locality.

The site consists of a number of properties which straddle FSR and Height controls further adding to the complexity of design approach to ensure maximising development potential for the client whilst maintaining architectural integrity to the proposed scheme.

St Charbels Aged Care Facility

Aged Care - Medical

An aged care facility proposed by the Lebanese Maronite Order of Australia for the St Charbels Parish Puncbowl community is located on the corner of Wattle Street and Waterloo Road Punchbowl.

The design team researched traditional Lebanese housing typologies, and employed a perimeter block design with rooms and facilities wrapping around a central courtyard. This allows the occupants and visitors to co-mingle and enjoy the grounds.

The architectural approach taken was one of taking the community into a contemporary setting with a highly detailed façade system. The materiality employed throughout the design utilises Textured Raw Concrete, Black Steel, Timber, Sandstone and Glass, all of which are traditionally used in Traditional Lebanese Housing construction. The materials have been reinvented and used in a contemporary manner to provide the senior occupants with a visual and textural link to their heritage and past.

63-71 Princes Hwy

St Peters, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A major land holding purchased by the client ensured appropriate consolidation of land based on councils Master Plan allowed the site to follow through with councils vision for the creation of a public pedestrian laneway activating the land and centre of the street block. The development consists of 92 residential dwellings with Ground Floor commercial use.

The proposed scheme wraps the three street frontages of the Princes Hwy, Short Street, Applebee Street and the newly proposed Public Pedestrian Laneway. The form has been set with the highest form addressing the Princes Hwy stepping down in form to the rear of the site along Applebee Street. The Ground Floor plane has been designed to address its respective street frontage with Open Plan Commercial space fronting the Princes Hwy and Live Work Soho premises along Applebee Street providing a lower scale form. The centre of the site opens up to provide a large landscaped Common Open Space addressing the north ensuring solar access penetrates not only to the common space but to the two flanking wings of built form.

10-12 French Ave.

Bankstown, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A ten storey mixed use development in the Bankstown CBD accommodating 70 residential units and one commercial suite. This development is one of the first projects to be approved utilising councils Bonus FSR provisions in the LEP for providing a 6 star green rated building. The development obtained Council approval exceeding all Water, Energy and Power scores providing the developers a bonus in yield and greater marketability for future occupants.

Architecturally, the building presents a modulated and articulated street form with the play of balcony elements, blade walls and materiality. The building adopts a typical floor plate design throughout the levels with only the outer extremity of the facades and balconies changes allowing the building to provide the appearance of change in architectural treatment.

578 New Canterbury Rd.

Hurlstone Park, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

Development comprising twenty three residential units plus ground floor commercial. A built form adopting a three storey street wall element with upper levels setback form the street frontage. The Street Wall presents a series of openings allowing the lower level dwellings to enjoy ample solar access through winter months. The Upper floors tower above with feature balcony elements framed and limited in frontage to appear as central fixture in the tower element broken from the base.

The planning adopts two pods with a centrally located lift core and fly bridge connecting the two pods, allowing each pod to cross ventilate and allows solar access to penetrate the rear pod through the central courtyard separation.

194 Stacey St

Bankstown, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A Bankstown CBD project utilising the bonus FSR provisions for providing a 6 star green rated building. The site encompassed many challenges in that the recent approval was granted to the property along the northern boundary which traversed the neighbouring site in an east west fashion ensuring overshadowing to the subject site which limited solar access with greater constraints due to the alignment angle of Stacey Street only affording the Stacey Street fronting units to achieve two hours solar access.

The design approach was a two building form with a central courtyard separation. The development comprises 131 residential units with commercial suites fronting Stacey Street. The building as designed utilising Revit 3D tools to ensure solar access modelling informed each apartment design to provide compliance with SEPP 65 and the RFDC rules of thumb.

16 Third Ave.

Blacktown, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A high rise apartment building within the Blacktown CBD employing a typical floor plate providing for efficiency in planning across each floor with the outer extremities providing slight manipulation in architectural form to create a diverse and interesting architectural aesthetic when viewed in the round. Accommodating 92 residential units plus two floors of commercial suites provided a challenging task when accommodating required car parking on a narrow site.

3-7 York St.

Belmore, NSW
Residential Flat Building

Twenty Four residential units over basement parking in this suburban setting in Belmore NSW. A simple architectural form was adopted for the subject development with the use of high quality façade materiality coupled with a high quality landscape design ensured that the development when viewed in the round would provide a benchmark for future redevelopment in the street.

71-91 Euston Rd.

Alexandria, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

A City Fringe development accommodating a fifty eight residential dwellings with a corner retail element. The site is located along an arterial road with road widening affectation which limited the footprint of the development and challenged the design team to maintain the desired development yield.

The proposed building addresses the corner creating a strong element which identifies its position within the streetscape whilst blending in with the existing housing stock in the locality.

6 Railway Pd

Burwood, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

Located in the Burwood Town Centre, the client approached the site with the attitude of creating a simple yet identifiable landmark building appropriate for its locality. The Burwood CBD is fast becoming a metropolis if high rise development creating vertical villages.

The proposed development incorporates a four storey commercial podium with ground floor retail whilst a fourteen storey residential tower component sits above accommodating forty two units with sweeping north to north east uninterrupted panoramic views. The design encapsulates a simple form with a ‘ribbon’ element wrapping the building structure. The ‘ribbon’ flows through and around the building in its entirety without break to tie the overall form together.

Panorama Yeppoon

Yeppoon, QLD
Luxury Residential Development

Adjoining the Pinnacle Development, this boutique development accommodates 18 residential apartment. The subject development sits side by side with the Pinnacle Development with both projects reading ell together and feeding off one another architecturally in the landscape perched at the top of the hill over the town.

Pinnacle Yeppoon

Yeppoon, QLD
Luxury Residential Development

This high end luxury Boutique development comprising 26 luxury apartments all with internal and exterior spaces meticulously designed. The building sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the town and the Keppel Coast. The building presents a solid base element consisting of four townhouse style dwellings with the tower rising above presenting a streamline architectural form of horizontal floating planes with frameless glass balustrades to allow all occupants to take in the maximum views.

350 Hume Hwy

Bankstown, NSW
Mixed Use Development – Commercial + Residential

The client had purchased the site with development approval for 182 residential units. CDArchitects were approached to revisit the design to provide uplift if possible. The design team created a scheme working within the existing envelope of that previously approved accommodating 312 residential units plus 3000m2 of commercial space over three buildings.

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